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Underwater world – Diving Andaman Islands

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There are 2 worlds surrounding us the world on the ground we are living in, and the underwater world, amazingly rich world with endless type of fishes, live corals, shells, hills & walls that drops down hundreds and sometimes thousands of meters.

The underwater world is beautiful!

Many people never get the chance to see & explore it… I got, and I took that chance…!

Diving is amazing! A bit scary in the beginning but after a while, when you learn how to dive and feel relaxed and natural underwater, it is just so much fun!

I love it!

I had my first dives here in Havalock Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Andaman Islands, a real paradise place.

I got a one on one course, my father says that I’m extremely lucky because normally no one have the luxury to get a dive instructor teaching him privately!

My dive instructor was Natan, he is Israeli so the language was no problem.

Day 1
The first day was theory. I had to look at some movies and Natan explained me everything I had to know underwater; how to breathe underwater, how to be balanced, the signs you have to know and many other things. I got a PADI book so I could read and learn by the beach in our guest house.

Day 2
The second day we went with a boat to a place where we could practice in shallow water.

First Natan explained how I had to put all my equipment together.  Then I had to do it myself.

We went into the water and I had to put everything on while in the water, it took some time to get stabilized before being able to place the tanks on me.

Then I had to try to get to the bottom without using my hands to help me. Man this is so hard! I just could not manage to go underwater and reach the floor. I tried and tried and tried but it was just impossible without using my hands. When I at the end came at the bottom we exercised the signs you give each other underwater.

But all the time I was floating up. That was so irritating!

After we exercised few things, we went for a dive in shallow water.

The fun part finally start =)

We saw quite some fishes and they where so cute!

Then Natan pointed at something and I was like “huh?”, and then I saw that is was an Indian woman that one of the local instructors was taking her by the hand and taking her around underwater (I was afterwards told that most Indians cannot swim). It looked  like someone was walking with his dog or something! And when I first saw her I thought someone died! It was just so funny!

I saw really beautiful Nemo fishes <3 they were so cute.

I love Nemo fishes.

Day 3
We dove at a place  called the aquarium I have one problem; i just can’t get underwater without using my hands. I HATE THAT !
but we saw really beautiful fishes and shells and things you only see underwater.
it was really fun, Its like being in space, it is so much fun!

I got instantly  in love with diving!

Day 4
We dove at a place called  the wall and at the lighthouse, and when we dove at the lighthouse we entered  with a camera so we made photos.

That was really really cool. Cause it combined my love for taking pictures and my new love for diving, Yippee.

I saw few fishes that were really big, flat and black/dark blue with yellow and white stripes  it was a very very beautiful fish.

When we went to the wall there was quite a bit of stream and it was not very clear…. The wall is not really round but you can swim around it so we took a round and i felt it was 2 min but when i asked my dive  instructor  how long we where underwater he told me 45 min. I was like WOW, I lose myself underwater, it is all so fascinating that I lose the sense of time!


When we came back to the place where we did things- I had to take a test with me to the guest house that i had to do to see if i knew all the things about diving.

This  was the end of my course, and I already missed the underwater and wanted to explore more of this new world that I had discovered.

Luckily it didn’t take long, immediately after I finished the course, my parents organized with Natan, my dive instructor, to dive together all 3 of us with him 2 deep dives to a location called  Dixon, about 2 hours from Havalock Island, to 30 meter deep .


At Dixon you have like 3 pillars in the water, one big in the middle and 2 a bit smaller one on each side, top part starting at 17 meter.
Dixon is 30 meter deep and I am actually  only allowed to dive up to 15 meter with the Padi Open water certificate, so I was really lucky that I could do that diving with the dive instructor that had taught  me and agreed that I join,  otherwise I  would never be allowed to go that deep just after my course.

We dove there 2 times; the first dive was breathtaking beautiful! it was crystal clear to at least 20 meters in all sides, it felt like diving in a huge Aquarium. There where an amazing amount of groups of fishes all over and colorful corals and all sort of plants and other really beautiful things there.

I saw an octopus and huge napoleon fishes! and there where so many colors! Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, White, Black & Many more anywhere  you turned your head.

It was a really stunning dive…

Luckily we had found in the dive-center a case which fitted perfectly for our Canon G12 camera and which we could borrow,  we made really cool pictures and Videos, you can check them out in our Photo section if you like.

It was really fun to dive with my parents, cause they are super experienced divers and dove in many places around the world and now we have one more thing we all love and can experience together along the way in our travel.

Kai, my brother will soon be in the minimum age allowed to do the course and join us as well.

Can’t wait for my next chance to dive, maybe in Thailand or Australia later this year….









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