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“Excuse me. May I ask you a question? Am I dying?”

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“We are all dying; just some of us die before the others.

Conclusion; always leave a window open, otherwise you might find yourself dying frozen on the floor from dropping body tempruture fainting from a leak in the gas shower, somewhere far away from anywhere you might recognize as home, in a pointless death. 
 But on the other hand, is dying this way any worse than any other useless death?

Fainted and frozen in a cold shower room 5000m high in a Nepali Himalayan village, no pulse or active brain activities already for dozens of minutes.
Blends of peaceful feelings, immensely good, flying between borders of now, past and welcoming future of other dimensions, thoughts floating extremely slow through her mind peaceful.
She is surrounded by relaxing pink clouds,
Stairway to heaven?
Who am I?
What am I?
An amoeba? A fetus?
Am I being born?
Where am I ?

The collapse of empires, we are all small-scale universes which collapse into the void in one point.

It is one thing none of us can escape from.

Yes it is true, but I didn’t finish my book!

This is what came through her mind, after long time passing out…

She has to finish the book she started before she is allowed to let go and move on.

She can feel the time having passed only according to the stiffness of her body.
 Or is it only seconds since she passed away?
Distance calls next to her ears, names, whose is this name?
In a slow flight reaching back.
Who are these people??
Is it her name being called by this stranger?
Does she know him? He looks like Mongolian prince,.
Am I In a Mongolian palace?
Where am I?
What am I doing naked on a cold floor surrounded by all these faces?
Why everything around is blurred and in slow motion.

The pain. Now finally she feels the pain drilling in her forehead and through her cold and stiff body.

I have to ask him.

Excuse me. May I ask you a question? Am I dying?”

He gives her a royal big smile, extremely relieved.

We will all die one day; just some die, at least almost, before the others.

“Good to have you back in this life cycle”

(This short story is based on a true story told around a fire, 5000 meter high in the Himalaya mountains, shortly before i got the beautiful book “many lifes, many masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss” from Cloe our sweet friend trekking with us. Everything is connected)


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