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Being 13 years old and traveling the world

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It’s hard being 13 years old and leaving all your friends and your school behind.

Sure it’s fun traveling and its such an adventure!
But still, it’s hard because I miss everything I left behind.

I can still speak with my friends on Skype, Facebook and stuff but it’s different. Not the same as laughing with them in the class and at the brakes.
For me going for such long travel is on one hand really fun & exciting cause I love traveling to new places and meet new people, but on the other hand I also really wanted to stay with my friends.
Even now, after already traveling more then 2 months I still don’t know what I want more; traveling or going back to school with my friends.

My father says I always can come and say to him that I want a one-way ticket to Holland…  maybe I will use this option one day!! Hahaha

Nepal is beautiful country and I would love visiting there again!
The people, the food and the country itself are so wonderful!
We keep meeting beautiful people on our way, not only in Nepal but also in India.

We treked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, 21 days, over 160KM. The first days was really hard for me but after a while I got used to it; waking up at half past six in the morning and walking 5-6 hours a day in the beautiful nature.
And the food! Man I just loved the food on the way. It was just so delicious!
And the mountain views on the way was just AMAZING!!!


Really, I just loved Nepal <3


Varanasi in India is also a very special city.

It’s so old and it has so much history.


And cows! So many cows everywhere! And of course the cow shit…
Holly shit! Hahaha!


And ofcourse THE BLUE LASSI <3

Man I love that lassi and the family that are running it, they have such a big heart, for few weeks the Blue Lassi became our home in Varanasi.

Christmas and New Years Eve in the Alka hotel was really fun: music, food, drinks & dance! And CAKE!

(My Crazy father with friend from Korea practicing cake eating !!)

We also went to Bodhgaya for the Kalachakra Buddhist ceremony to see the Dalai Lama & hear him giving lectures 50 meter in front of me.
Dalai Lama Lalala! <3

It was really interesting but very crowded!
So much Buddhist people! I never knew there were so many monks in the world! All you saw was red, nothing else but red!


Some more photos we made on the way,

Keep following us, i will do my best to keep posting what ever i am experiencing.




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