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Backpack Gear List

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What’s In Your Backpack?

When you  travel, you want to pack with the mindset that you will  be able to carry all your stuff anywhere without it being a burden, but at the end this will your home for the coming months, specially if you travel with family, and you want to have the comfort and still travel as light as possible.

Important realization you better remember is that almost everything you could possibly need (as long as it’s not personal or very specialized) can be bought in other countries around the world.

– 3-4 shirts
– 2 shorts (1 day us shorts, 1 sports shorts)
– 2 pair of pants – light but strong material
– 3-4 pairs of underwear
– 3-4 pairs of cotton socks (though I try to avoid wearing shoes as much as possible)
– 1 rain jacket/poncho 

Of course the list might change according to weather conditions and mountain stay

– Good Quality sandals – you will probably use them on daily bases

– hiking shoes for outdoor adventures & sporting we bought the light Salomon, they look
reasonably good and very comfortable and strong.

– Small paperback books that are easy to carry and easy to swap with other travelers

– Electronic book such as Kindel or Bebook – great choice for light weight and having
of books with you in any time.

– Carry cloths bags – very useful to sort all clothes and separate dirty from clean

– Good Quality Pocket knife

– Quality head torch


– Small Medical kit

– Green soap

-Towel – quality, compact



-Hat/Bandana/Head cover of any sort

-Toilet paper/Wipes

-Mosquito repellent –  must have with you anytime


-Digital Camera with HD Video

This is the memories that will be left after you are back beside what resides in your head, it is essential that photos/video you take will be of good quality but in the same time the camera should compacta & easy to use.
Canon G12 is one of the best in the small size category i found at this moment

We decided to take with us very good super light (600 gram) goose feather sleeping bags ( Sherpa outdoor ) , its serves us in all conditions out door and indoor.
Super light sleeping mats ( by Exped )

Final advise : Start packing few days before your departure.  if you see that the pile is too high and you start worrying about your weight, it’s time to analyze and scale down!


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